Painless PTO

Plan Your Zen with the simplest PTO system

made exclusively for
MS Teams

Take the pain out of PTO

PTOZEN makes sure vacations are care free from start to finish

Calendar sync

No need to create time-off calendars from scratch or attempt messy shared calendars. PTOZEN seamlessly integrates
with Outlook to automate blocked time, while displaying time off directly in Teams.


All the reminders, announcements, and managerial alerts you need to stay on top of the action.

PTO Zen Chat Bot

Taking time off shouldn't take time

Zen simplicity means you never have to break your flow

Request PTO on the go

Quick messages like ‘sick today’ or ‘out tomorrow’ are all you need to log a quick leave from your mobile device

World class absence admin

Simple process means simple management

Custom leave types

Set up your unique leave policy, whether 
PTO, sick time, parental leave, jury duty, FMLA, create and manage as many as you need, and configure each separately.

Calendar control

Manage team permissions so the right people have access to the right information


Easy peasy PTO

Frequently asked questions

PTOZEN is completely, entirely free. We believe in the restorative power of time off, for organizations and for society, so in order to promote limitless PTO for everyone we designed PTOZEN as a free tool to solve PTO pain once and for all.
PTOZEN works for organizations of any size! Whether you're a 5 person startup just getting off the ground, a 500-person operation looking for better employee experience, or a 50,000-person behemoth looking for efficiencies, PTOZEN is ready and able to help.
PTOZEN does NOT offer leave accrual. In an effort to democratize access to PTO and promote unlimited PTO policies at large, PTO Zen is designed exclusively to manage unlimited leave policies. If you're interested in the PTOZEN Team's solution but absolutely. need accruals, check out her sister product AttendanceBot which offers robust accrual management!